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For a typical accountant, profits in a  company are all about finances. In our experience, however, good advice  should also improve the human resource profits in your company. Financial  challenges can often be resolved by changing habits and streamlining people’s  routines and procedures. And to achieve this, it is more important to be  equipped with empathy and humour than a calculator and a grey suit.

Only traditional on paper

Juel Viborg is traditional in one area – the  right one. We are certified and registered public accountants who meet all  statutory requirements for education, practical experience and liability and  guarantee insurance cover.

We consult on:

  • Optimisation of routines and procedures
  • Implementation of new ERP systems 
  • Company formation, start-up and closure
  • Generational succession
  • Tax and VAT
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It certainly is. Our competitive prices are
 typically much lower than with the big auditing firms.

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