Start-up consulting

- the right answers from the outset without
 the big bill

Achieve your goals without losing your focus

We understand the challenges that new  businesses face in the start-up phase and as they grow. Naturally, your focus  is on getting out of the starting gate and generating revenue. We can help  you with all the administrative and practical tasks, so they don’t get in the  way of your ambitions. We also consult on choice of business form and  financial planning. Finally, we provide good advice on how to manage debtors  and avoid piles of receipts. 

The start-up phase

In the start-up phase, good advice is  valuable, but often also tough on your budget. At Juel Viborg, the first hour  is free. And if you want to continue working with us, our prices are very  competitive.

We offer:

  • One hour’s free consulting for start-ups
  • Guidance on VAT and tax regulations
  • Bookkeeping instructions and guidance
  • Bookkeeping, payments and invoicing
  • Assistance with self-assessment tax returns  and annual reports
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Is it easy to get started?

Absolutely! Just give us a call and we’ll
 set up a meeting – absolutely free and at no obligation.

Is it affordable?

It certainly is. Our competitive prices are typically much lower than with the big auditing firms.

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